What we do...

Optima-Line Kft has been present in the freight forwarding industry since November 2016, in the field of agricultural crop transport.

Our experienced freight organizers perform their work in several foreign languages (Hungarian, English, German, Serbian, Croatian), this making transportation and communication truly international.

Together with our partners, we also perform crop transportation tasks in the territory of Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia, besides Hungary.

From 2019, we have expanded our profile with domestic bulk transport, assisted by our everexpanding team of subcontractors.

In addition to the export-import transport of bulk goods, we also transport bulk products domestically and internationally.

Continuous development, reliability and the ongoing expansion of our client base ensure the future of our company, so that we can provide the highest possible level of services to our partners.

We are able to move 40 000 tons of bulk grain in a month in and outland

Last year we were able to move round 500 000to of bulk loads.

Our partners at work