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Milán Vörös

Owner, Domestic bulk transport


Mail:      milan.voros@optimaline.hu                      

Andrea Vörös-Kanyó

Manager, Intrnational freight forwarder

Languages: HU, SRB, HR, ENG

Andrea is managing director and international freight organizer. Her responsibilities include the calculation of freight rates for customers, making financial decisions and conducting negotiations. Andrea speaks several languages, therefore, she can be contacted in English, Serbian and Croatian as well.

Phone: +3630-465-7061

Mail: andrea.kanyo@optimaline.hu                                       optimalinekft@gmail.com

Diána Hógli

Financial unit--International

Languages: HU

Diana is responsible for paperworks, invoices international. 

Phone : +3630-084-4847

Mail: szamlazas@optimaline.hu           

Orsolya Papp

Financial unit--Hungary

Languages: HU, ENG

Orsolya is responsible for paperworks, invoices inland. 


Mail : office@optimaline.hu